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Pitsford Primary School

100 Things

In 2016-17 we developed 100 Things.  This is an entirely non-academic element of our school.  It is designed to give our children the core life skills and experiences they will need to be successful for their age.  It focuses on some things we as educators – and parents – can be guilty of taking for granted. 

What is 100 Things?

The 100 Things is 100 non-academic skills and activities we feel our children should have completed or be able to do by the time they leave in Year 6.  They focus on skills and attributes that will help our children become resilient and confident and hopefully give them a 'head start' for their next steps.

How do they do this?

Your child will come home with a scrapbook.  This will have the Whole School Tree (as above) on the front - this can also be viewed in our school hall, so please do come and have a look.  Inside will be the Year Group Tree and a list of the skills that the children need to try to achieve throughout the year.

Your judgement and communication are critical as to when you feel your child can do each element consistently and their achievements need to be evidenced.  This can be through photos, videos, emails, drawings, notes or any other ways you would like to demonstrate these skills.  Some of these may also be completed in school which staff will initial.

One off is not learnt.  For children to be able to do each thing, they should be able to do each element repeatedly and confidently which is why we ask them to be evidenced 3 times.  These skills are designed to be fun and develop independence, resilience and problem solving, they are not additional work.

When your child achieves one of the skills 3 times, they need to show their book to their teacher who will write the child's achievement on a leaf ready for the celebration assembly.  They will also receive a certificate when they complete 5, 10 and all of the objectives.

At the end of the school year, there is a celebration for all children who have completed their skills.