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Frequently Asked Questions

 My child has been sent home from school and/or is experiencing Covid-19 symptoms – what is the next step?

We advise you to get a PCR test for your child, once you have confirmation of a result, please send evidence to show this (Positive and Negative). Your child will not be permitted to attend school until we are in receipt of a negative test

Do I need to let the school know if my child is awaiting a PCR test result?

As with all absences, we ask that you to report the reason for absence to the school office by 09:30.

If my child is displaying symptoms and waiting for a PCR test, what school support do we have?

Once the school/class teacher is notified of your child’s absence, you should expect work set on Purple Mash for 9am the following day. This work will continue to be set until the child returns to school as normal. Pupils will have access to Spelling Shed, Mathletics and a reading book.

Whilst my child(ren) have Covid-19, what happens with their school work?

Each day the school will provide remote learning for your child whilst they are isolating for them to complete if they are well enough.

If my child is unwell with Covid-19 and too poorly – what happens with remote learning completion?

We set work for your child, but completely understand if it is a challenge for them to complete it. The remote learning is there as support for you at home, but is not an absolute requirement.

If one of my children have tested positive, should I keep the other sibling(s) off school?

Any sibling on roll at the school, living in the same house as the positive case must get a PCR before coming into school. Once you have received a negative result, sibling(s) should take lateral flow test (LFT) each day for 10 days. This is the same for school staff and close contacts.

I can’t find my child’s login details for remote learning, what do I do?

Please contact the class teacher via the school office to get the necessary information.

What work will my child receive?

 Alongside the weekly homework (Spelling Shed, Mathletics and reading every day), there will be English, Maths and topic activities set on Purple Mash.