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Pitsford Primary School

Medical Advice


Please contact the school before 9.30am to advise if your child is going to be absent from school due to sickness.

Please click HERE for a copy of the school's Attendance Policy.

Sickness Guidelines for Exclusion from School

Please click HERE for an infection control guideline for more common ailments/conditions.

Please note that for all sickness and diarrhoea related illnesses, the school would not expect the child to return to school until 48 hours have elapsed since the last episode.  An early return will result in parents being contacted to take their child home.

Management of Headlice

Headlice are extremely common in close-knit environments such as schools.

Please click HERE to access information on the management of headlice.

Medicines in School

Occasionally your child may be well enough to attend school but require medicine throughout the day.

Please see the school's Health, Safety and Welfare Policy giving details of when this is possible and what information we need from you.

First Aid in School

We have a number of staff qualified to undertake first aid.

Where your child has been treated by a first aider, a log will be kept in school.  If it is more serious, we will contact you explaining the details of the incident and the treatment provided to ensure you are informed should further treatment become necessary.

Where a child requires emergency treatment this will be sought by the staff 'in loco parentis' and the parents will be contacted by phone.

If your child has bumped their head at school, we will issue them with a wristband to advise you. Please click this LINK for more information.

If you wish to talk with a nurse from the School Nursing Service please phone 01536 452228.

Children’s First Aid

All children from Year 4 upwards receive practical First Aid training, which becomes progressively more advanced throughout Key Stage 2.

We work closely with the St John Ambulance in the delivery of this training.