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Pitsford Primary School

Sports Premium & Physical Activity

Physical education will form an important part of your child’s education and the school has developed this area of the curriculum dramatically over recent years.

Opportunities exist both within and outside the school day, through the curriculum and via out of hours provision.

Our playground has markings for football and netball and whilst the school does not have its own playing field, the local village playing field is used in the summer term and as a base for our annual 'Sports Day'.

Key Stage Two children have swimming lessons each year at Moulton Sports College.

We provide many sporting opportunities through clubs at Pitsford, in the past these have included:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tag Rugby
  • Gymnastics
  • Cricket
  • Multi skills
  • Yoga
  • Sailing
  • Dance 

In addition to this, we have links with Northants County Cricket/Chance to Shine and Northampton Saints, Pacesetters, Hotshots, MAB Gymnastics Academy and R & D Coaching.

Sports Premium

The school has been in receipt of additional government funding specified as 'Sport Premium'. 

Each school in England has received £16,000 plus £5 per child on roll.  Schools are free to spend the Sport Premium as they see fit since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for all the pupils within their responsibility.  This extra funding must be spent on Physical Education and school sport.  The following information has been produced which sets out the amount of Sport Premium we have receive, how we intend to use it and its intended impact.

Below is a summary of how much money will be received by Pitsford Primary School, and how we intend to spend the money, and the impact we hope for.

Further information about what the funding is designed for is available here.

Objectives of spending the Primary PE & Sports Grant:

  • To improve the provision of PE and Sports at Pitsford Primary School
  • For PE provision to be judged as good/outstanding by external monitoring
  • To broaden the sporting opportunities and experiences available to all pupils
  • To develop a love of sport and physical activity for all children to carry forward in life
  • To encourage healthy, active lifestyles for all pupils
Financial Year  Sport Premium Funding Intended Expenditure Intended Impact
2019/2020 £16,480

£1000 for teacher release to enable staff to attend CPD / training courses.


£2000 for teachers and TA’s to work alongside professional coaches (Tennis, dance, Saints rugby, Northants cricket and R & D coaching). In house coaches to work alongside the teachers to upskill.


£3000 for the running of sport specific breakfast / lunch time clubs.












£2000 - £3000 to purchase resources, books and teaching materials.




£1000 for the organisation / participation in competitive sports opportunities. This could include competition costs, venue hire, cost of coaches to deliver the events, transportation to events etc. Pacesetters competitions, cluster competitions


£270 - Sex Education scheme of Work





£500 - Healthy Week activities throughout year and cooking across the whole school- cookers, utensils – walk to school and extra sports activities. Setting up Cookery Club.


£250 School kit for competitions throughout the county.







£2000 For organisation and transport for swimming sessions




£2000 budget for Sports Crew





£1000 supply cover - PE co-ordinator(s) to undertake a series of lesson obs/team teach. Meet with a broad range of pupils to ascertain their knowledge and understanding of the subject knowledge and what they’d like in the future for PE

Improved confidence and subject knowledge for staff in NC areas for PE.


As above, particularly in sport specific areas when working alongside expert coaches in the subject.







Children able to access a range of sports clubs will be available as breakfast / lunch clubs for the children to participate in.

Improved confidence and enjoyment of children engaging in physical activity. Providing all children with the opportunity to try new sports clubs, with the aim of encouraging lifelong participation in physical activity. Developing dyspraxic children’s co-ordination and confidence.


To be used in the delivery of high quality PE lessons. CPD opportunities for staff and to encourage children to become enthused for sport.


Numerous children have now joined external sports clubs through lesson and morning club enjoyment. Having nurtured and embedded learning.







 Providing children with a balanced awareness and up to date education of how our bodies work throughout the school.


How to keep ourselves healthy through exercise, enjoyment and a balanced diet.






Increasing children’s confidence value and pride in their ability to perform in front of crowds. Promoting self-esteem and a love of competition.  Building resilience and awareness of competition. Increasing participation by children.


Children to become water confident and meet the swimming requirements for PE, to increase swimming stamina over longer distances.


Child led lunchtime club to promote exercise and enjoyment at lunchtimes throughout the week.  Leadership and team opportunities for children.


As a result pupils make good or better pupils in lessons and over time.  To find out children’s ideas about the excitement and challenge in their PE lessons.